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Our teachers are passionate about computer programming for kids and they know how to motivate children to learn, create, and master coding!

We Provide Online Coding Classes for Kids in Canada and the USA.

Coding Made in Canada

About Us


We are Canadian parents, just like you, who want our kids to have a solid foundation of thinking and problem-solving skills to enable them to compete in the future.

The skills that our students develop are transferable to a wide range of subjects and future fields. These aren’t only applicable to future programmers. The skills that your children learn in  EUREKA CHAMPS courses, such as logical thinking, critical reasoning and creativity, will be vital in expanding their intellectual abilities in all fields.

By working according to principles of project-based learning, we also ensure that our classes are relevant and students can see real-time results. With a live instructor and a small cohort of peers, learning becomes fun and engaging. Creativity is at the heart of our learning: we give students the intellectual and logical tools to help them bring their ideas to life. Students always learn better when they know what they can do with their new skills.

We offer all students a full value FREE Trial Class. Try before you buy and we’re confident you’ll love our course and what it can offer your child.

EUREKA CHAMPS is a Canadian-owned and operated company. The EUREKA CHAMPS business name is registered in the province of Ontario under the Business Identification Number (BIN): 1000266971.

Online Coding for Kids Classes

Our Teachers

Eureka Champs - Attend online coding classes for kids

Our teachers are hand-picked and trained in-house to combine their technical knowledge of coding with the skills to be professional educators. Our teachers will give you regular updates on class activity, with progress reports delivered every month.

Our dynamic online environment means that students and teachers can interact easily. The software allows for both individual and group-work, meaning that students have the opportunity to experience various styles of learning.

We’re serious about education. That’s why we keep class sizes small, between 2-4 students for each class. This way we can offer the best learning environment for your children and provide dedicated support throughout each class and course. We understand that all children have different learning needs, and our class sizes help teachers provide individually tailored support to each and every child. Students will build a close rapport with both peers and teachers, making learning engaging.

Our Team

Computer programming for kids

Maria Mukhrygin

Coding Teacher at Eureka Champs.

Background: Master of Computer Science degree with 7 years of experience working with children.

Anastasiia Kosiak

Coding Teacher at Eureka Champs.

Background: Master of Computer Science degree with 3 years of experience working with children.

Computer programming for kids

Alina Hinzhul

Coding Teacher at Eureka Champs.

Background: Master of Computer Science degree with 2 years of experience working with children.

Computer programming for kids

Kate Khobzi

Co-founder of Eureka Champs, in charge of Customer Service.

Background: Bachelor of Human Resource Management degree, 10 years of experience in HR  administration.

Computer programming for kids

Taras Khobzi

Co-founder of Eureka Champs, Website Administrator.

Background: Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree, 15 years of experience in engineering and project management.

Parents Testimonials Computer programming - Online Coding Class for kids

Testimonials & Reviews

Watch the video below for testimonials from parents:

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Reviews from parents:

Picture of a student during our Online Coding Class for kids

I highly recommend Eureka Champs Online Coding Lessons for families that are looking for a personalized program with lots of individualized feedback to help their kids learn to code. They have a fantastic trial available so you can see if Eureka Champs is a good fit for your family. Their trial is a full one-hour class, where your kids get to learn coding from an expert teacher, for free with no credit card info required. This is a great way to see if your kids are interested in coding and to see if Eureka Champs is a good fit for your family.

Picture of a student during our Coding Class for kids

The best thing about the Eureka Champs Online Coding Class was the teacher! She was fun, enthusiastic, and engaging. The platform Henry used to join the class allowed the teacher to share her screen but also to see Henry's screen so that she could help him with everything from downloading Minecraft to navigating the menu in Tynker. She was also warm and engaging with Henry as he proceeded through the modules she had prepared for him to try out. They laughed and joked together about the zany outfits for his characters.

Picture of a student during our Online Coding Lesson for kids

The instructor was so nice and friendly. My daughter tends to be a little shy and can take a while to open up to new people. She was also nervous having never been on a zoom call before. The instructor was able to work with her and keep the class moving along nicely despite that. My daughter was so proud of the finished project she created. She was able to create a little mini video game within the hour. Having something tangible to show off at the end of the class helped make it an extra fun experience for her.

Picture of a student during our Online Coding Cours for kids

I was absolutely shocked with how quickly they were able to get us set up and on to the fun stuff! My daughter had so much fun learning and interacting with the teacher. The live class was great because it provided immediate feedback. My daughter was able to ask questions and learn just like she was in a real classroom. My daughter was so excited after her class to show me the game she made. She even continued playing in the systems after the class ended.

Picture of a student during our Online Programming Class for kids

I consider myself a techie mom, but I don’t have the time to walk with my student through the different activities on Tynker. I’m glad they can go to these Eureka Champs classes and have a professional give them the structured learning that they need to grow their programming skills in a fun environment.

Picture of a student during our Online Programming Lesson for kids

Kiera genuinely loved it. The small class size and individualized help made learning new skills stress-free and fun for my daughter. […] most importantly, Kiera loved the class and immediately told me she wanted to do more. And that’s really the best testimonial of all.”

We are proud to have been nominated «FEATURED FAVORITE» by the iHomeschooling Network.

Coding classes for kids - recommendation
Eureka Champs Coding for Kids


Our classes will help children learn several of the basic concepts of programming. These include commenting, loops, objects, commands, and variables. This provides the ideal foundation as children move on to more complex concepts in later classes.

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